Hi Everyone!

Well, it is time for my May Forecast 2018:

I first want to talk to you about the planets within the sun signs.   When a planet has been in one sign for many years,  then moves to another sun sign, this is a big happening and as astrology teachers and students we know that change is in the air.

The planet Chiron (known as the wounded healer) is about to leave Pisces and go into Aries around May 16, 2018, and will stay til April 2027.  Also, Uranus, which is a planet of extremes and sudden changes, is about to move into Taurus.   This will bring about a lot of changes with banking and  money and how we use it and value it.

So, always remember that the planets represents the action in the Zodiac.  When they move,  it is of great interest to see how we view things on a personal and world chart.

Aries:  This should be an action month for you with old and new opportunities.   Watch your temper and stay focused.   Watch your health.

Taurus:  Radical change and opportunity coming.  Don't be afraid - this is the beginning of a great cycle - have fun!

Gemini:  This month you may feel in touch with your inner rebel.  Get out there and play.   This is your time to just go for it.  New people and activities are waiting for you.

Cancer:  This month is a time to let go of things that are not serving you and start doing something new.   What a great time to travel and expand your life.

Leo:  Major life change is shaping your world.   You have good ideas and this is a good time to expand your business.  Watch your health.

Virgo:  This is a time of new and critical changes.  This is not a time to buy into victim emotions.  You are strong.  Stay focused.  Things are moving in a wonderful way for you.

Libra:  No pain, no gain.  You are looking very hard at relationships and trying to shape yourself to an idea that is just not working.   It's hard to let go but when you do it will be good.  You can be a strong force to deal with this month.

Scorpio:  This is a great year of opportunity and you need to go for it.  Your time of stress is now over.  Now is a time to just let go of loose ends and enjoy a new cycle.

Sagittarius:   A new wave of opportunity has come your way.  You are itching for new space and  changes.   Health looks good and this is a decision time with your career to play or stay.

Capricorn:  A new you has been in the works.   Rewards are coming your way and your focus has paid off.  This is a wonderful time to enjoy all your hard work.

Aquarius:  This has been a time of a lot of inner work and transformation which will all show up in the months ahead.  This is a good time to play.

Pisces:  A new and happy path is waiting or you.  This has been a time to uncover experiences.  Trust your inner resources and recognize that you always had this inner wisdom.